The 4 C's

To make sure you get your money’s worth it’s important to understand the principles of the four C’s: carat, cut, colour and clarity. The combination creates a unique, one of a kind diamond.


The diamond’s weight and overall size determine the carat. Often the price of diamonds increases parallel to the carat weight. A grand diamond might highlight it’s other three C’s, but also potential flaws. Don’t let the size of a diamond be your only criteria: small diamonds can be just as precious, especially as an expression of genuine love or because of the memory related to it.

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White diamonds come in different shades from perfectly colourless to warm white.
The value of a white diamond is determined by the lack of colour, while with fancy coloured diamonds it’s the opposite. The most common colour is yellow and the most rare – and therefore most expensive – are blue and pink.

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Nearly every diamond has microscopic natural imperfections. They blend into the diamonds colour and – in theory – have a relatively low impact on the diamond’s value and appearance.
However, A Diamond Trading attaches great importance to offering diamonds as perfect as possible.

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Of the four C’s, the cut contributes the most to a diamond’s beauty and brilliance. A diamond’s cut is pure craftsmanship and requires thorough training and patience; it’s not an essential characteristic of the stone itself. The cut has three effects on the appearance of a diamond: brilliance, fire and scintillation.

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