A Diamond Trading

A Diamond Trading is located in the diamond market’s capital Antwerp, Belgium. We are an independent diamond trading company recognised by the Antwerp Diamond Center.

A Diamond Trading

We have a fine selection of natural diamonds in the office and enjoy organising a quest within our worldwide network to find the perfect diamond(s) fulfilling your preferences and requirements.

We sell our premium polished diamonds to both diamond dealers and private individuals, who choose one showpiece or a fine selection. Our diamonds come in all shapes and different sizes from 0.30 ct to 10.00 +ct. Each diamond is certified by GIA, HRD or IGI and conflict-free.

A Diamond Trading was founded by Anissa Hammouche, who’s fascination for diamonds, love for pure beauty and profound knowledge form a strong combination.

Anissa Hammouche

An integer approach

Anissa works together with an exclusive network of socially, responsible and conflict-free dealers and cutters from all over the world. A diamond trading only offers natural polished diamonds that comply the Kimberley Process and its warranty system and inspects every diamond personally.

Anissa attaches great importance to a correct and respectful trading and guidance. She honours the trust you put in her and you can rely on her for a personal service from start to finish.


Anissa started her career as interior design expert at an agency in Ghent, the rebellious medieval city of Belgium. She designed modern and cosy homes and inviting restaurants, shops and hotels. The client’s vision was translated in each detail and with every project she refined her eye for precision and aesthetics, which is still relevant in her job as a diamond trader today.

An opportunity as project developer within a renowned design company in Antwerp, got her in touch with the intriguing diamond world. She immediately fell in love with the unique grace of the purest stone of all.

Anissa followed her heart and visited Israel on a regular basis, where she took a private certified gemological course and successfully graduated. The first years after that she assisted a diamond consultant and trader, with whom she works closely to the present day. Their professional relationship is an example of the long term relations Anissa tends to build up with her clients and partners.

Her determination, knowledge and genuine love for the diamond convinced professionals by generation that she – as an outsider – had no intention to give up her dream. Her modern approach connects diamond lovers and dealers in a new and fresh way, benefiting both parties.