“Diamonds are nature’s most precious and beautiful creation. We select each diamond with great attention for technical details and personal preferences and requirements.”

Bright White

The classic and most desirable diamond of all is the white diamond. The brilliance and fire of a perfect white diamond are unparalleled. White diamonds come in different shades from perfectly colourless to warm white.

Fancy coloured

While the absence of colour in a white diamond makes the stone more treasured, fancy coloured diamonds are valued by the rarity and saturation of the colour. Blue and pink are a curiosity and more expensive than the more common colour yellow. As each colour may have different levels of saturation, A Diamond Trading selects each fancy coloured diamond with meticulous care.

Fancy shapes

The Round Brilliant shape is a true classic and has in general more fire and brilliance than any other shape, although a Princess cut diamond is also exceptionally brilliant. The sharp corners of a Princess give the diamond a contemporary edge.

If you want to emphasize size, a Marquise diamond might be perfect with its long and slender shape. The teardrop style of the Pear shape is also elongated and cut to produce maximum brilliance; therefore we always look for perfect symmetry. For a classic look with modern twist the Oval cut diamond is the perfect choice. You combine the diamond easily with other jewellery.

Popular with celebrities today is the Cushion cut diamond: the rounded corners and larger facets highlight the diamond’s radiance. Icons like Grace Kelly and Jackie O were in love with the Emerald shape, which has a unique appearance due to the rectangular facets step-cut into the diamond’s pavilion. If you are looking for a unique style, a Radiant shape is also a beautiful – and dramatic – choice. Combined with other diamond cuts, the diamond’s sparkle is truly striking.


Besides the most popular Round Brilliant and the known shapes Cushion, Emerald, Pear, Princess and Heart there are more exclusive and unique diamonds. A Diamond Trading is always on the lookout for that special one in shape or colour in combination of the four C’s or in there most purest form D FL, type 2A. Also a beautiful selection of hearts and arrows cut diamonds you can find with us.

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